You can trust Leiter’s to:

  • Provide the highest-quality preparations. We are accredited and certified by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB®).
  • Be available whenever you need us. We deliver industry-leading customer service, with compounding pharmacists on-call around the clock for a 24/7 consultation, and we can ship overnight or even same day.
  • Employ the most qualified personnel, develop their expertise, and provide for their well-being.
  • Work to improve results for patients with all health care providers, including individual physicians, HMOs, hospitals and their affiliate institutions. We also supply research hospitals and clinical trial providers.
  • Do what is right. We abide to the highest ethical standards and maintain an excellent reputation with all regulatory agencies.
  • Care about you: We’ve been a family-run compounding pharmacy for three generations.
  • Provide all the pharmaceuticals you need. We are a full-service compounding pharmacy.

Leiter’s Compounding Pharmacy stands for experience, quality, and comprehensive service.

Experience: Leiter’s is the most experienced compounding pharmacy in the nation.

  • In business since 1927.
  • Compounding for more than 25 years.
  • Third generation of Leiter family ownership.
  • First ophthalmic specialty compounding pharmacy.
  • More than 1 million prescriptions filled.

Quality: Our quality assurance program is the finest in the nation.

  • First PCAB certified pharmacy in Northern California, accredited for nonsterile and sterile compounding; renewed every three years based on PCAB inspections.
  • Class 100 (ISO-5) certified sterile facility, certified every six months.
  • Laminar airflow hoods, certified every six months.
  • Clean room exceeds all state and federal standards, California is among the strictest in the U.S.
  • Zero complaints from FDA, DEA, and CA State Board of Pharmacy.
  • Thorough compliance with annual CA State Board of Pharmacy inspections.
  • Continuous equipment/facility upgrades.
  • Testing is done by an independent lab per USP standards.
  • Pharmacist dedicated Q/A department.

Comprehensive service: We promise satisfaction with accurate, timely, friendly handling of any pharmaceutical request, whether from the largest institution or an individual patient. The friendly, courteous customer service team at Leiter’s Compounding Pharmacy handles all communications with physician and patient. Our goal is to make sure all customer requests are handled accurately, and that our customers are happy with the service we provide. We strive to ensure that all orders, prescriptions, questions, and concerns are taken care of quickly and completely.

  • Friendly, courteous customer service team.
  • Fast, complete attention to all orders, prescriptions, questions, and concerns.
  • More than 11,000 compounded sterile and nonsterile drugs actively.
  • Recognized world leader in sterile ophthalmic.
  • Full-service sterile compounding.
  • Specialties include sterile injectables, ophthalmic solutions, hospice care medications, and hard-to-find medications.
  • All categories of dosage forms, including injectables, ointments, creams, capsules, gels, troches, solutions, suspensions, nasal sprays, vaginal creams, and suppositories.
  • Customized compounds to meet prescriber specifications, limited only by your imagination.